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HD BROWS approved salon

High definition Beauty UK style Now in the Wairarapa!
Book in with our pro stylist Katie and she will create you the High definition brows! UK s leading brow design
will need to undergo a patch test x

HDbrow Lamination / scuplt

Find out the most searched brow treatment in UK last year and it was this one!
Perfect for the unruly or sparse brow this is an incredible treatment!
Brow Sculpt is brow lamination with a bespoke HD Brows twist. Whether you dream of achieving that full, fluffy eyebrow look, want to create symmetry in uneven brows or tame unruly hairs, our BrowSculpt brow lamination treatment is for you. This corrective treatment helps you to achieve your desired position for up to 6 weeks.

Now Qualified Sammie and Katie can perform this treatment
what you receive
1. Full HDbrow treatment worth $65
2. Brow Lamination
3. Brow tint

Introductory offer for just all for $90!

Considering a brow Tattoo? Love our brows?

The natural look for long lasting brows In the New Definition Brow™ design
With Micro-blading using the New Definition Brow™ Model we can give your brows the perfect shape and colour that you can wake up to everyday!
​Please take your time to choose your brow professional the brows she does will be with you a long time!!!

The New Definition Brow™difference
New Definition Brows™ is New Zealand’s fastest growing brow design.
Only performed by our Certified Brow Angels™ who are experienced in brow reshaping and colour matching. ​
Our 6 step brow reshape and design works with your natural symmetry and beauty- bringing out the correct colour and style that will suit you.
As industry leaders we are constantly bringing you the best treatments in brow services and we are very excited to be able to offer our customers this new service and the chance for you to wake up with perfect brows every day!


Katie Winstanley creator of New Definition Brows & previously a nurse has recently completed her Microblading training with the Advanced Aesthetics International training school which is a VTCT endorsed course in 2016
​She then attended the Advanced class with celebrity artiste Suzie Macintosh 2nd July 2018
She then attended the 3 day machine course for powder brows with Cherie from feather touch brows November 2018 and has just completed her two day advanced feather strokes class March 2019 and her powder brow course May 2019

​She attends as may brow courses she can and has just been over to the UK and completed her HD Brow course. Katie Lectures on brows and has been recently up to the NZ expo speaking on brows.

Jasmine is our Expert Senior New Definition Brow Angel™ seeing over 100 clients per week. She has long been considered the best in the business. Jasmine has completed her UK Diploma in threading and is an ITEC qualified Beautician. She has been through the New Definition Brow™ Academy and is now a Tutor training therapists from all around NZ in Brow Design.
​She has attended the VTCT approved Intermediate hand Microblading course in wellington from the Advanced Aesthetics International training school in September 2016
Attended the Advanced class with Suzie Macintosh 2nd July

Feather stroke micro-blading

For a more natural approach to traditional tattooing.  Its a great way to start your journey .
icro-blading creates subtle, natural-looking brows by mimicking the strokes of eyebrow hairs using natural and clinically safe pigments that soften and blend over time.
Micro-blading requires a manual tool featuring several tiny needles in a row to deposit dye into the dermal second layer of the skin. Because  the pigments do not go very deep into the skin, this will naturally and gradually fade/ powder out over time hence the service is considered semi- permanent.

Please note that Micro-blading  should be seen as a brow enhancement as you will still have to come and get your brows threaded and brow hairs tinted and will probably still want to use a pencil to keep them looking sharp!

​The results vary from person to person but it is recommended to have a colour boost after around 18 months

Please be aware that you can not continue to keep getting microblading feather strokes over and over again because of scar tissue build up you will have to transition over to powder brows eventually.

This treatment is perfect for the people who suffer with the following:

  • Thinning Brows
  • ​Lighter skin ( darker skin will not retain as well) 
  • Scars/Gaps
  • Incorrect shapes
  • Alopecia 
  • Over Tweezed 
  • Hair loss as a result of cancer treatment

2. Powder Brows / combination 
​Get the best of both worlds with this beautiful technique. Katie will add  hair strokes throughout the fronts of your brows to create a softer start, whilst finishing off with a strong defined powdered tail.

Perfect for people with disappearing tails! 

What your Tattoo services at CHANGES includes

nitial Consultation

Pre Treatment Consultation:
you will be required attend a full assessment and consultation at least 1 week before your first treatment.

During this time you will:

  • Complete a full consultation form
  • Complete a test patch if required to ensure you are not allergic to the pigment or anesthetic
  • ​Discuss your wants and expectations of the treatment
  • Make sure you are happy with the treatment plan 
  • We will go over all the requirements pre and post

Please be aware we require the following:
After this booking if you decide to go ahead we will require a $100 non refundable booking fee which is only valid towards your tattoo brow treatment. 
If you fail to show up for your treatment or change your mind the booking fee is forfeited.
1st  treatment 
lasts about 2 hours
 area is numbed
 brows are expertly designed to your correct features mapped out
We then show you in the mirror for your consent 
and then we proceed with the treatment

2nd microblading treatment
perfecting treatment

4-6 weeks later once healed
This is called the prefecting treatment
a second pass is made over the initial strokes to build up the pigment in the skin. This is a great opportunity to perfect any strokes and check you are happy with the colour.

We give you one session perfecting treatment free however if you fail to show up and do not let us know you will be required to pay for a follow up.
Any  subsequent treatments after that will be required will  be charged out at $50 per session  to cover costs we cannot be held responsible if the brows are not looked after or loose strokes as these are beyond our control

Please note: We do not accept bookings for touch ups or fix ups unless the initial treatment was done by us. if you had the initial treatment with us but you chose to go elsewhere for touch ups, we will be unable to do further treatments on you 

Perfect for people with disappearing tails! ​
​Please note failure to follow the after care will result in poor retention / colour loss 
Like a normal body tattoo colours will alter. You may notice that the black outlines stay in the skin longer and the colours fade that is  because the black molecules are bigger and retained by the skin better. 

We cannot be held responsible for pigment colour change or fading as this is beyond our control 

Brows are filled with two colours, starting with a lighter front & ending with a darker ‘defined’ tail. Only available to people who have hair at the beginning of the brow.
Great for oily skin and clients who work out. Much like a makeup look.

Existing customers only. If you are out of the 24 month period the prices will be more

Our Tattoo service includes: 
Hygienic sterile environment. Single use tools best practice best equipment.
 1 Full  consultation, personalised brow design/ Brow mapping  in the New Definition brow shape. Patch testing if required
2. Initial first visit
3. Your second perfecting treatment 6 week later which allows us to alter any colour and shaping required.
4. Full pre and post after care will be given and we provide you with a take home pack to look after your brows when you leave.

Please NOTE we cannot do this if pregnant or breastfeeding 

See Some Examples of actual photos of Microblading

from our Brow Experts at CHANGES

Client Testimonials


“Thank you Jasmine for my amazing microbladed brows, I absolutely love them. You are very talented and professional and have amazing attention to detail, I was a bit nervous to get my brows done but you made me feel comfortable and relaxed and have made my brows perfect for me 🙂 Thanks so much I will definitely recommend you to friends and family”


I cannot thank you enough Jaz for the incredible miracle you worked yesterday with my Feathertouch eyebrows! I never thought anything would be possible as I had so few hairs! Your consultation was incredibly thorough and I felt very informed about all aspects of the procedure…in fact I wasn’t nervous at all! You’re right it was only slightly more uncomfortable than threading! I absolutely love the shape, colour and look of my new brows, and that’s after only the first session! I wish I’d done this year’s ago! I cannot thank you enough, and would totally recommend anyone who wants fabulous brows get in touch with Changes Medi Spa !


Hi Katie,
Just wanted to let you know my brows are looking FABULOUS!! Best thing I ever had done and I am so happy. 
Cheers and thank you again for the fabulosity!!!

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