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New! LVL lash lift- superior treatment for lashes

Would you like lovely lashes but don’t want lash extensions? Try our incredible LVL Lash Lift!

Lashes are our passion! Our therapists are the best in the business and although a bit more pricey no point paying for a cheap set of lashes if they all fall out the first week!

Our lash technicians are well trained and we use only the best products, especially formulated glue and strict  hygiene practice. So if you are in need of an instant glamour and a afternoon lash nap book in. We specialise in synthetic lashes from party lashes to full sets! You can choose from Russian Volume, hybrids or single lashes to make up a full set. We also do LVL lashes here which use your own lashes and curl them giving the appearance of false lashes they are divine!

Benefit- Longer lashes that stay curled for up to 8 weeks. What you receive at CHANGES spa with your Lash lift

  • Lash tint & our signature hand massage 
  • LVL Lash lift with hand treatment and tint 

Combine with New Definition Brows for a winning Combo! ( extra charge)

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