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New Definition Brows® is our Signature treatment and why people come from all corners of the country to visit us.

“We believe every woman should have at least one professional brow design in her life!”

Katie Winstanley Creator of NDBROWS® guest speaker at the NZ beauty Expo 2019

New Definition Brows – better by design

We promise a truly luxurious experience that will transform your brows into a beautiful masterpiece.
New Definition Brow® bars have opulent décor and her high class clientele of celebrities, politicians, TV personalities, the well-heeled, young and old, male and female – people who travel around the country just to have this treatment performed by one of our highly experienced brow angels® No wax is allowed instead they achieve that Hollywood look with threading , defining and creating beautiful angles that make the brow look glamorous and styled

The New Definition Brows™ Story

Nurse and owner of CHANGES Medi-spa Katie Winstanley was horrified that wax was being used on the most delicate part of the body in brow treatments. She witnessed first hand burns and skin lifting that occurred everyday from the beauty therapists doing traditional brow services.

Wanting to find a safer alternative to brow waxing the answer came in 2012 when on a mercy mission to nurse her father in the UK she  noticed impeccable brows and went in search of how people in UK achieved great outcomes

The answer came in the ancient art of threading. Completing a diploma in threading she then spent 4 months extensively researching what treatments were required to create the perfect shape, colour and finish and went on to pioneer a new brand new way of brow shaping she called New Definition Brows® which she proudly brought back to NZ for her customers to enjoy.
“It was such a scary time! I came back and threw away all the dirty wax pots and along with it the cheap $20 brow and introduced an expensive designer treatment in a very small sleepy town”

fast forward 8 years and we now have the fastest growing service in New Zealand, with people coming all around the country to experience the difference people receive with our professionally trained brow angels®
With over 10000 brows now completed Katie is so busy she now stared a brow academy and trains others in how to create the perfect brow.She also lectures when ever she can and was a guest speaker at the Beauty Expo last year.

Katie Winstanley Creator of NDBROWS guest speaker at the NZ beauty Expo 2019


Enjoy some decadent luxury in our brow bar.

Lie back in our designer reclining chairs and take the weight off your feet and legs as we lovingly  transform your brows with our 6 step brow service which includes threading.

With passionate experienced Brow Angels looking after you your brows will look their very best!

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Why no wax?

You wouldn’t wax a baby’s eyebrows!

The skin around the eyes is so delicate. As we age this skin becomes thinner and more susceptible to damage and aging. If you had been uneasy about waxing this part of the body, or had been recommended a brow wax by your therapist but left the salon like you had been in a boxing ring- walking out bright, red sore OR even BURNT! You may be interested to know that skin care therapists and Aestheticians around the rest of the world do not recommend waxing this area.

  • The skin around the eyes doesn’t have the support from muscle either so is very sensitive to tugging and pulling
  • The skin around the eyes is different to the rest of the face, doesn’t contain oil glands and hairs so very susceptible to damage
  • The skin thins with age over time and because wax takes a few layers of skin with it …can lead to harm
  • Any repeated inflammation will cause the body to remove collagen and elastin to toughen up the area – causing aging
  • Stretching the skin causes the delicate structure of the skin to stretch causing enlarged pores

If you were looking for gentler alternative treatment then NDBrows™​ is for you
A modern 6 Step design process that incorporates threading- a method that’s been practiced safely around the world for centuries. leaving you with stunning Hollywood-worthy designer eyebrows and no trauma! Safe for even the most sensitive skins and even people on skin treatments

Want to find out why NDBROWS is the fastest growing brow service in the country and why celebrities & clients a like travel for miles just to have this performed at CHANGES?- come and experience this for yourself at our stunning day spa.
New definition Brows – leading the NO to wax revolution! 
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Have thinning brows or brows with gaps? Try elleebana temporary tattoo henna  for a longer lasting colour

Inspired by nature this plant based henna comes in 7 colours so we can colour match perfectly and carefully blend naturally with existing hairs

Who is Henna best suited for

  • People with  white/ grey hair coverage
  • people who have sparse brows
  • people whose tINT doesn’t last too long on the skin

The best results are achieved when there is some degree of natural hair already in existence. The Henna will dye the skin too but we only recommend it for filling in gaps etc, rather then creating an altogether new shape where there is no brow hair in existence. It is perfect for those who finds that regular tints don’t last long. The Henna Brow tint lasts for up to 3-5 weeks and gives the brow a thicker, fuller look. Longevity depends on how much you wash the brow area. To keep a strong colour we do say to keep them moisturised.


We recommend the following products for your home care

  • RevitaLash Advanced eyelash/ brow conditioner
  • Eye of Horus pencils
  • Beautiful brows home care kit
  • Gels
  • Highlighter
  • Fur oil

Brow training Academy

Want to up your brow game? Join our group of Elite Brow Angels™ and bring something new and exciting to your salon with our exclusive New Definition Brow™ Training

Questions and Answers

What exactly is New Definition Brows™?

New Definition Brows™ is a 30 minute 6 step process redesign service for bespoke brows. The process avoids waxing using the much safer method of threading. 

New Definition Brows™ doesn't endorse waxing why?

Waxing the brow area is considered a big NO NO among  skin care experts around the rest of the world. Why is this practice considered damaging? Not only does it remove a thin layer of skin on an area notoriously the thinnest part of the body, but the stretching of the skin when wax ripped off causes minute damage to the delicate cell matrix; leading in time to damage and  enlarged pores. A one off is probably ok but repeated trauma month after month year after year will take its toll. Any trauma to the eye area is shown up as redness. This is a warning sign from your body telling you it’s been damaged. Repeated damage will cause the skin to actually break down collagen and elastin to toughen up the area ( like occurs on elbows and knees thus leading to ageing) 
Wax also contains chemical solvents and resins plus it can cause scalds to the skin and a common complaint know as skin lifting

We know threading is safe – as its been used for centuries, it uses no chemicals no heat and we are so very  confident that it is not going to cause you any  harm. ( We can even use it on the most delicate skin and even on ladies on acne medication and retinoids!)

What are the 6 steps of New Definition Brows®?
  1. We undertake a full consultation with the client. A written form is completed. We will explain why and how we are going to make the brow look better. The brow is prepped with alcohol to remove makeup and help sanitize and reduce bacteria / ingrown hairs.
  2. Colour match. You need the perfect colour to really make those eyes pop!  The brows really frame the eyes and a good colour match creates a greater visual impact. Sunlight and aging causes the hair colour to fade- which is aging so warming up the colour will utterly transform you back to your 20s 30s! Plus the Vegetable dye swells the hair giving it a thicker fuller appearance. Your Brows are traditionally meant to be one shade darker than your hair so our brow angels will carefully match to your hair colour.
  3. Threading: corn starch is applied to the brow to absorb oils and highlight the soft vellus hair and threading occurs. If anyone tells you threading is painful they haven’t been to us to get it done!!
  4. Tweezing then follows to remove any last remaining hairs
  5. Trimming and treated with brow code gold serum
  6. The brow is finished with beautiful brow palate and a range of products to achieve that fabulous look. We will then give you all the aftercare advice and how to maintain the brows at home.

All the equipment is then sanitized. We use disposables where ever possible. Everything is cleaned, tweezers are sterilised and strict Hygiene practices in place.  

I just want threading- why do I have to have all 6 steps?

We believe that brows deserve the best and that cannot be achieved with just threading alone. New Definition Brows™ is a trademarked designer service and our brand will be seen on you for weeks or months so its important to us that they represent our brand.

Obviously If you have sensitivities to the tint then this is the only time this is omitted. If you haven’t had a brow or lash tint you will need to come in for a patch test prior.

How does the look differ? What are the differences between New Definition Brows™ and Brow shaping with wax

New Definition is based on a completely different ideology. Our styling  method is based on a research based scientific  principle and our brow angels tm will design your brows with a technique called brow mapping giving you a bespoke brow-based on your face proportions scientifically proven to make you look more beautiful .

What products do you use?

We only use the best products in our treatments. We Use Brow code,  hdbrows TM  tints and Natuiral pencils and gels from Eye of Horus.

Prices see our menu.


From Rebecca

I first experienced New Definition Brows in 2016 as an Oversew Fashion model where I was immediately mesmerised by the impact that well groomed brows can have. I work in a Wellington creative environment which educates make-up artists, beauty therapists and hairdressers. There have been many occasions where I have been approached by these individuals where my eyebrows have been the talking point followed by surprise that they are the work of a Wairarapa business. The well-manicured execution is striking yet natural. The maintenance of this look is completed with a stencil and brow kit which is very easy to use and quick to apply. I now have this as part of my beauty routine where I cannot leave the house without my eyebrows – I feel naked without them…I have been converted 🙂
The Brow Angels are professional and talented at what they do. My treatments have always been welcomed and I am immediately made to feel special. I would highly recommend ND Brows to anyone striving for an ‘on fleek’ look and will continue to be a valued follower so I can remain ‘on point’. Thank you Angels xx

From Janine

I would just like to let you know how wonderful threading is. Before i came to you i would float from one beauty salon to the next only to be disappointed with the way my eyebrows had been shaped i would often come home and have to pluck where the wax had missed and left hair. I did not enjoying waxing at all it concerned me that they used the same wax that they use for brazillians and often the wax was far too hot and quite painful! I would always walk out bright red where they had waxed or they would try cover the redness with makeup often hurting my skin as it was so tender after. I am so glad i won’t have to experience this again and i absolutely love they way my eyebrows are shaped and that shape lasts so much longer its not painful and can walk away without any redness at all. I will not be trusting my eyebrows with anyone else 🙂 i am a very happy customer!! Thank you” Cushla July 2014
I don’t think that this treatment could be improved! Much less irritation than with waxing, much ‘fresher’ looking than plucking and a fantastic shape! The facilities are gorgeous, the staff are lovely and a tedious maintenance chore was turned into some serious pampering. I can’t rate it highly enough, and look forward to returning next time I am in NZ xoxo

From Hayley

Thank you Katie for the best eyebrow shape I have EVER had with New Definition Brows, highly recommended to all!!!

From Susan

So relieved to have found such a professional service in the Wairarapa. My beauty therapist in Wellington told me to only come to you! so glad I did, I am thrilled with the results!

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